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we are space cowboys_

A decentralized creative studio and innovative production company with homes in NY, LA & Paris - working worldwide. 

We are a global think-tank of gifted creatives, cross-discipline experts, led by women, pursuing visual excellence in an inclusive and disruptive way.

We cultivate ideas that shape culture through art, film and technology.  




We pledge that every project we produce will meet at least 5 of the criterias below:


1. Woman Director and/or Writer

2. BIPOC Director and/or Writer

3. 45% of Women crew members, at least 2 Department Heads

4. 25% BIPOC crew members, at least 1 Department Head

5. BIPOC talent cast in at least 25% of significant roles

6. Inclusion of LGBTQI+ film characters

7. Eco-Responsible production




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